6 Gins, 6 Tonics & all the Botanicals to go with!

The selection of six gins, six tonics, all the garnishes and plenty of botanicals only costs £35!

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Offer runs until July 28. Harborne & Quinton Only.

Our Story

Welcome to Sadler’s Bars.

We’re a unique collection of venues fuelled by Sadler’s Ales, each with their own individual ‘reason for being’.

Whether that’s because of a particular neighbourhood demand, the opportunity for us to share insight and experience into the art of craft brewing…or simply because we wanted to give you the perfect place for a proper party!

Whichever venue you choose to visit, at any time of day, you can expect a very warm welcome, great food and drink (focused of course on Sadler’s fine portfolio of craft beers and spirits) and a great vibe driven by each venue’s unique location.

The Sadler's Experience

We originally set out to open Sadler’s Bars as a series of pop-ups, taking our time to find interesting sites & venues; places we could showcase our craft beer and spirits to an appreciative customer…maybe throw in some food and great music. We hadn’t figured on them being quite so popular and how quickly the current Bars have become an intrinsic and valued addition to the neighbourhood. So, we’ve made the pop-ups permanent, and we’re opening more! The Sadler’s experience though, remains true to our concept…interesting venues, wonderful food and drinks whatever the time of day, great music and above all a very warm welcome.

Our drinks

Of course, the perfect craft beer is what we’re famous for. Our foundations are built on the

Brewing and supply of incomparable ales, and now our very own spirits. True, clean, honest,

delicious and affordable drinks at every Sadler’s Bar…cheers!

Our food

What do you fancy? Great cakes and pastries? Outstanding sandwiches and snacks? Great burgers and pies straight from our kitchen or the local butchers and bakers? How about something from one of the region’s best street food vendors whenever they swing by for an event? Check out what’s ‘on the menus’ at the Bars and…tuck in!

Our events

Did we mention street food vendors? They’ll definitely be making an appearance; along with singers, musicians and great bands. Each Sadler’s Bar updates its own social channels so follow those for the latest event dates…tune in, check out.

Buy our beer online

If you can’t get to one of our Bars, or simply can’t get enough of your favourite craft beer…then buy it online. Don’t forget to sign up to the emails to get all the great offers and deals direct from Sadler’s Brewing Co.

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Book a Brewery tour

Nothing to do on a Saturday? Let us show you where the magic happens. Join us for a tour round our Brewery. Bring a friend…bring loads of friends! We’ll show you everything…let you taste it all en route, then invite you to kick-back in Sadler’s Brewhouse and Bar for a Ploughmans and (another) pint.

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Online gifts for beer-lovers

We just knew you wanted the tee-shirt. What we didn’t bank on was you wanting aprons, hipflasks, badges and bar blades, mugs, glasses, coasters and keyrings. Got someone who’s difficult to buy for, or just want to show some Sadler’s love? Pop to the shop and we’ll sort you out.

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